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Monday Doubles League

Davie Stadium

2022 Early Spring Session

Adult Co-ed Match Play Doubles League

Dates: February 28 to April 4, 2022

Play will be every Monday except for

​All rained out dates will be rescheduled

Participation is limited to the first 20 registrants

Times: 8:00 to 9:30 pm or till matches completed

Note: Please arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time

Where: Davie Tennis Stadium

198 Park Ln.

Piedmont, CA 94618

Who:Adult Co-ed players 2.5+ to 4.0+ NTRP Rating

Fee: $200.00

Contact: Bob Manalo, Tennis Professional


Phone: 510.495.5593

Davie Phone: 510.444.5663

This doubles league is designed for adults looking for competitive doubles match play within a friendly social setting. As an alternative to USTA League competition and the struggle to find players and organize social doubles play, this format offers competitive doubles play on a regular basis within a fun group setting for players of varying skill levels. All you have to do is show up, and you are guaranteed three sets of good competitive doubles play. No hassles looking for players. Just show up, play, and have fun.

For six consecutive weeks 3 sets of doubles play will take place. Initially, players will be assigned to a court in groups of four based on their skill level, with highest skill level on top court and lowest skill level on bottom court. Participants will play a set of doubles with each player on their court. When all three sets are completed, one player will have accumulated the most games and sets on each court and one will have the fewest. Each game won will count as one point for that player and for every set won a bonus point will be awarded. Each week, players will move up and down a court depending on their match results from the previous week with the top scoring player of a court advancing to the next court level the following week, and the lowest scorer moving down a court level. On the final day of play, points earned by all players from all sessions will be tabulated, and the top three players will be awarded fun prizes for their effort.


1. Players must commit to being available for all six weeks (Mondays).

2.If a player is unable to make a session, for whatever reason, the player must secure a sub of the same skill level from a list provided to all participants, to take his/her place that evening. If you know of anyone who may want to be included in the sub list please let me know.

3.Players who cannot participate can request to be added to the sub list. Your contact information will be made available to participants.

4.Players will play one set of doubles with each player on their court until a total three sets are completed at each session. Sets are first to 6 games and win by 2 or more games. If a set is tied at 5 games each, a set tie-break will be played to decide who wins the set.

5.Points will be tabulated based on each game a player wins with all of his/her partners. Example: Player A has scores of 6-4, 3-6, 6-5, the total points earned for the day is 17 (15 for games won 2 for sets won). If there is tie for most or fewest points won, number games lost will break the tie

6.At the end of the six weeks, total points accumulated by each participant will be tabulated; and the top three scoring players will be presented with a prize.

7.The points earned by a sub will not count toward the final results of points accumulated by the participant.

8.On the last day of play, a potluck will be arranged to celebrate a successful event.

9.All balls are provided for match play.

10.Top Dog Tennis League Management App will be used for ratings and match results tabulations. Go to this link:

For directions and parking go to this link:

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