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COVID-19 Update


  • No single intervention can fully prevent COVID-19. By layering multiple safety measures, Berkeley families and providers can help protect our youth and minimize missed time participating in school, sports and social activities.

  • The most important safety tools to protect against COVID-19 are:

  • COVID-19 Vaccines: Vaccines are the most effective protection against COVID-19 for adults and children at least 6 months old. They are free to all

  • Indoor Masking: Making sure that children use effective masks consistently and correctly helps reduce spread of the virus

  • Staying home when sick: Keep or send children home when they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms

  • COVID-19 testing: Anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or that have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 should get tested

Wearing a mask will optional this summer. Although not required, masks may be the single most important safety item we can use to prevent the spread of Covid-19 variants Delta, Omicron and other new variants. 


2024 Spring -Summer Programs

Adult/Junior Classes/Clinics

The lessons & classes listed below are offered year round.

Location: Hopkins and Colusa, North Berkeley

MTS offers a variety of tennis lesson programs for Adults and Juniors. Bellow is a list of classes/clinics and days and times they are offered.

If you would like to participate in one of the classes offered, please contact Bob Manalo.

Intermediate - Advanced Adult Clinic Saturdays 2:30 – 4:00 pm

This class is for adult players with NTRP ratings of 2.5 and above. Players will need to be assessed by either Bob before signing up for class. Focus will be on developing fundamental stroke mechanics, efficient movement and footwork, tactical tutelage for better understanding of playing positions for singles and doubles. A variety of drills and games will be emphasized to achieve optimum improvement in match play. Players are encourage to play at least one set of doubles after class.   Location MKL Middle School Courts 

Fee: $50.00

Pee Wee BeginnerClinic: 10:00 –11:00 am Sunday: (Currently not in session)

For children (age 7 and under): learning focuses on the use of movement exercises, hand-eye coordination, drills and games to learn the basics of this truly international sport.

Fee:  Drop in rate is $40.00 per lesson

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate:1:00-2:30 pm Sundays

Children (ages 7-10): Focus is on the basic strokes, movement skills, and basic rules. This class combines instruction, drills and games to expand the student’s knowledge and experience.

Fee Drop in rate: $45.00 per lesson

Advanced /Intermediate: 11:00 am-1:00 pm Sundays

Clinic will focus on improving consistency of individuals’ groundstrokes, serves, volley and overheads through a combination of instruction, drills and games. Emphasis will be on developing skills required for match play.

Fee Drop in rate: $55.00 per lesson

Monthly Match Play Day: 3:00 - 5:00 pm ( Dates TBD)

Our new once a month match play day offered to all junior students. On the 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month junior players/students are invited to participate in a match play day. Players will be placed in one of three playing categories based on the progression balls used in their lessons - Red, Orange and Green Dot ball. Modified scoring methods and traditional scoring will be used. The goal is to expose students to “PLAYING TENNIS”. Students/Players have developed the skills to hit the ball and through match play will begin to learn how to PLAY tennis. Emphasis will be on learning the basic rules of PLAY, i.e., scoring, calling lines, proper match play etiquette etc.

We ask that parents check with coaches to assure that your child is ready to participate.

Fee: $20.00 for MTS Lesson Program Students

         $25.00 for non-MTS Lesson Program Students

Private Lessons:


Private Lesson $110.00 per hour and $60.00 per ½ hr.

Semi-Private Lesson $120.00 per hour and $70.00 per ½ hr.

Lessons can be arrange with Bob

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